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The artifacts exhibited at Design Days Dubai highlight results from this year’s Field Study—an annual component of our program where students and faculty travel together to engage in a shared, immersive design experience. This year’s Field Study included a five-day workshop in Torino, Italy, where we designed ceramic incense burners using Grasshopper visual programming software and a Wasp 3D clay printer.

By using forward-looking design and fabrication tools (Grasshopper + 3D-printed clay) to re-examine the form and utility of this ritualized archetype (incense burner), we seek to simultaneously celebrate cultural heritage and technological progress, which we posit as interdependent and mutually supportive.

Faculty:  Rab McClure, Richard Blackwell, Marco Bruno, Diane Derr, Thomas Modeen.

Students: Hazem Asif, Hala Gabi, Nourbano Al Hejazi, Sultana Jesmine, Elizabeth Ju, Mona Makhlouf, Noora Melhim, Wajiha Pervez, Norah Al Shammari, Islam Shehab, Sidra Zubairi.

Special thanks to MunLab, Elena Carena, Andrea Graziano and Bruno Demasi.

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