MFA in Design Studies

VCUArts Qatar is the Doha campus of VCUarts, the top public school of arts & design in the United States. The VCUArts Qatar MFA Design program offers a two-year course of study, culminating in a year-long thesis project uniquely tailored to each student’s research proposal and studio practice. In preparation for the thesis, students develop a common set of competencies in critical making, research, theory, and visual communication. Students have access to internships, research funding, and state-of-the art fabrication facilities.

The MFA in Design defines and inhabits an area between design disciplines. The purpose of our program is to produce designers who are experts at negotiating and utilizing elements of many different fields to construct new tailored experiences.

Tomorrow’s designers must be able to understand their audiences, collaborators and patrons in original and authentic ways. Global cultures already experience design in a singular fashion. Our practices combine graphics, interaction, engineering, systems, architecture, fashion and product design into a merged experience.

Designers who are able to work outside their individual discipline will be at an advantage. The designers of the future will need to navigate between forms of practice, combining elements and skills to create new products, visuals, environments and interactions.